Requesting Seeds

To find the seeds you want to request, you can browse in any of several ways:

  • The homepage automatically shows the most recently added/ updated varieties at the top.
  • Use the “listing types” button, near the top left to narrow the list according to the type of payment the lister will accept.
  • Use the categories at the left to narrow the list according to crop type.
  • Use the search bar at the top to search variety names, lister names, & descriptions.
  • You can search by lister location using the “map” view.
  • If you click on a lister’s name, you’ll see their six most recent listings. Then, if that person has more than six total listings, you can click “See all open listings.”

Make sure to use a payment method that is accepted by the person who has listed the seeds you want.

To place your request online, click the green button that says “Request.” For fastest, smoothest service, send the lister a message that includes your address.  Then proceed to payment and enter your payment information.  We apologize that our website can only take payment for one item at a time.

To send your seed request through the mail, fill out a Seed Request Form and send it to the lister with a check, money order, or cash.  Listers who accept requests through the mail are encouraged to include full addresses in their profiles, which will then show up when you click the red dot on the member’s profile.  However, in some cases you may need to send a message to the lister in order to get their address.

If you do not receive the seeds within 3 weeks, we encourage you to write to the lister to check on your request. If the lister does not respond within one week, we encourage you to write to the GSN admin team. In this case we will also reach out the lister, and may take additional measures as we see fit. Grassroots Seed Network is not liable for ensuring that you receive the seeds you request.