Listing Seeds

You may want to print these instructions (especially if you’re an infrequent computer user) or keep them open in an adjacent window while you set up your first listings.

We are available to add listings for those who are elderly, stewards of large collections, infrequent computer users, disabled, and/ or not fluent in English.  We are also available to help you add your listings.  Contact us for more information.

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Category and Subcategory:

Choose the crop type.  Here’s a full list of our categories:

  • Leafy Greens:  Chard;  Collard;  Cress;  Chicory, Radicchio, Envide, & Escarole;  Kale;  Lettuce, heading & romaine;  Lettuce, Looseleaf;  Mustard Greens;  Spinach;  Other Leafy Greens
  • Beans & other Legumes:  Bean, Bush, Dry;  Bean, Bush, Snap;  Bean, Pole, Dry;  Beans, Pole, Snap;  Asparagus bean;  Cowpea;  Fava;  Lima;  Pea, edible-podded;  Pea, shelling;  Pea, Soup;  Peanut;  Soybean;  Tepary Bean;  Other Legumes
  • Tomatoes:  Small/ Cherry;  Paste;  Med-Lg Red;  Med-Lg Orange/ Yellow;  Med-Lg Purple/ Black;  Med-Lg Pink;  Med-Lg Bicolor/ Other color
  • Root Vegetables:  Beet;  Carrot;  Garlic;  Leeks;  Onion;  Parsnip;  Radish;  Potato;  Salsify;  Rutabaga;  Sweet Potato;  Turnip;  Other Root Vegetables;  Jerusalem Artichokes
  • Other Vegetables:  Broccoli;  Brussels Sprouts;  Cabbage;  Cauliflower;  Corn, sweet;  Cucumber, Pickling;  Cucumber, slicing;  Husk Tomatoes (Tomatillos & Ground Cherries);  Kohlrabi;  Muskmelons;  Okra;  Pepper, Sweet;  Pepper, Hot & Spice;  Squash, Summer;  Squash, Winter;  Watermelon  Miscellaneous Vegetables
  • Trees & woody perennials:  Apple;  Cherry;  Pear;  Plum;  Peach;  Nuts;  Other trees;  Shrubs;  Woody vines
  • Grains & oilseeds:  Amaranth;  Barley;  Corn, field;  Flax;  Millet;  Oats;  Rice;  Rye;  Sorghum;  Wheat;  Other grains;  Other oilseeds
  • Flowers:  Sunflower;  Marigold;  Zinnia;  Other Flowers
  • Herbs & Spices:  Basil;  Culinary Herbs;  Medicinal Herbs;  Spices;  Miscellaneous;  Ornamental Gourds;  Miscellaneous

Listing Type:

Choose how, and whether, you want requestors to pay you.

Listing title:
This is the title that will show up in searches and on the listing’s page. Please include the variety name and also the crop type, eg, “Coyote cherry tomato” or “Lemon Gem marigold.”

Our suggested sample prices are meant to cover postage, shipping materials, handling, and costs of production. For online orders, PayPal’s payment processing fee is also included.

$3 for small seeds of annual crops
$4 for large seeds, and seeds of biennial or perennial crops
$10 for tubers, garlic, and scionwood

Description (optional):
Detailed descriptions help requestors figure out what varieties they want to grow. We encourage you to include any information you have that you think would be a factor for a requestor choosing seeds, such as:
– stories from the families and cultures that have tended the variety, and what it’s meant to them.
– any methods you use to keep varieties from crossing, such as isolation distances or hand-pollination
– how the variety has fared in particular conditions on your farm (cold, heat, drought, flooding, etc)
– days to maturity
– harvest window
– height
– growth habit
– flavor
– aroma/ fragrance
– yield
– storability
– size, shape, and color of flowers and fruits
– support needed, such as trellies or cages
– other cultural requirements

(In general, more information is better, but when we create a print edition, long descriptions will be cut off after the first few lines. When we make descriptions show up on multi-listing pages, long descriptions will be cut off there as well.)

Is this seed certified Organic?
Select one box.

Quantity (optional):
For example, “at least 100 seeds”
or “1 gram”
or “5 g, about 50 seeds”
or “2 tubers”

Available Year Round?
Do you ship 12 months out of the year?

The location you provided in your profile should automatically come up. However, if you click on the map, the location of the listing will change.

Image (optional):
We encourage you to upload at least one image. You can drag and drop your image onto a space, or you can click the space, browse your folders, and double-click your image. For best results, use JPG, GIF or PNG images that are 660 by 440 pixels.

We plan to send yearly e-mails to listers asking each to review their own listings. We may to discontinue listings that are not confirmed at least yearly.

Click “Post Listing”

Your listing should show up at the top of our homepage, since it’s the newest one on on our site.  Take a look at it to see if you want to change anything.

If you have difficulty listing seeds, please write to us. We can advise you, or our database manager can create your account and listings for you.

Safe Seed Pledge:
GSN does not knowingly allow users to offer GMO or PVP seed. As a lister, it is your responsibility to offer only open-pollinated, non-hybrid, non-GMO seed that you have grown. Please do not offer seed of poisonous, hazardous, or invasive plants.

Legalities: You are responsible for following any applicable seed testing and labeling laws. If you charge for the seeds you send out, and especially if you depend on income from seed sales, we encourage you to label all your packets with your name and address, the percentage germination, the date tested — or date packed if stored in a freezer — and the lot number, in order to ensure that you do not suffer fines or confiscation. However, these laws are rarely applied to very small-scale or free exchange of seeds. Furthermore, people around the world are pushing back against restrictive application of seed laws.