Filling Seed Requests

When you receive online requests, you must confirm them within 3 days in order to receive payment.

A central mission of the Grassroots Seed Network is to further and encourage seed saving. Therefore, when you fill a request, please send enough seed so the recipient has plenty of seed for an adequate number of plants to grow and save seed from. Generally, this means:

  • For small and large seeds of self-pollinating crops, and for annual self-pollinating varieties (including, generally, the legumes, solanums): at least 25 seeds
  • For biennials and cross-pollinating crops (including, generally, the cucurbit, brassica, grass, okra, and beet families): at least 60 seeds
  • For corn: at least 200 seeds

Pack seeds carefully, including padding such as bubble wrap to protect large seeds such as beans.

Please update listings if quantities run out.

Legalities: You are responsible for following any applicable seed testing and labeling laws.  If you charge for the seeds you send out, and especially if you depend on income from seed sales, we encourage you to label all your packets with your name and address, the percentage germination, the date tested — or date packed if stored in a freezer prior to packing — and the lot number, in order to ensure that you do not suffer fines or confiscation.  However, these laws are rarely applied to very small-scale or free exchange of seeds. Furthermore, people around the world are pushing back against restrictive application of seed laws.