Creating a Profile

To create an account, click here.  Enter your e-mail, name, username, and password. You will receive an automatic e-mail; click the button in it to confirm your e-mail address. After that, you can view and edit your profile anytime by clicking on your name and then on “Profile.”

Location: This can be a full address, or just a town and state. The map function of our site allows visitors to see a satellite view of the location. Enter your full address if you would like visitors to get an idea of the scale you work at, your microclimate, etc. If you would like more privacy, enter just your town and state.

Please take into account that the map function of our site allows visitors to see a satellite view of the location. If you receive mail at the location where you collect seeds, this function could help requestors get an idea of the scale you work at, your microclimate, etc.

Phone Number (optional): Currently phone numbers are not shown to users.

Profile Picture: Upload a photo of yourself or your farm or garden.

About You (optional): Detailed profiles help other seed-savers get to know you, and help the public understand our community and our motivation. Please include any ordering deadlines, preferred payment method, and your plant hardiness zone if you know it. Your profile might also include why you save seeds. It might include who taught or inspired you to do so. It might include what your seed collection or your land means to you. It might include related projects and interests. It might include notes on your land, growing conditions, agricultural practices, values.

Mailing address: If you would like to accept requests via the mail (with checks or cash), please include a full address.  This may be your home address, work address, or P.O. Box.

Length of frost free season: Please indicate how many frost-free days you have

Account tab:  You can use this tab to change your e-mail address, add a new e-mail to your account, or change your password.

Notifications tab: Select what kinds of automatic notifications you’d like to have sent to your e-mail. Webmaster’s advice: uncheck “I have forgotten to give feedback on an event” and “someone marks my order as completed” near the bottom, and save.

Payments tab: You can use this to set your account up to receive payments through Paypal.  If you choose to accept online payments, requestors will be able to use a credit card, debit card, or paypal account to deposit money into your paypal account to pay for the seeds they’re requesting.  Alternatively, you can choose to accept payment only through the mail.

If you created an account on our old website, we’re sorry, we can’t transfer your username and password. However, we expect that administrators will be able to transfer listings and profile information for all who request that service. Please contact us at if you’d like a spreadsheet of your listings from the old site, or if you feel confused about the process of transferring your account, of if for any reason you’d like help getting listings up on this site.