About Us


Our primary work is to facilitate the trading of seeds between seed-savers and create seed stewardships. With around 200 unique listings on our site and many more to come, we aim to offer a level of diversity beyond that found in most seed catalogs — just as most seed catalogs offer a level of crop diversity far beyond that found in our supermarkets!

We make rare and heirloom varieties available to average home gardeners, and want the choice of what varieties thrive and survive to be in all kinds of family farm and gardener hands, rather than the exclusive hands of big seed companies.

We aim to facilitate the preservation of heirloom varieties in many other ways; by awarding small grants to people who are stewarding large collections, listing their varieties, and teaching seed-saving methods. We also connect Aging Seed Stewards with enthusiastic young seed curators, botanists and farmers.


We are a democratic, lister-governed organization, and we value member feedback. Become a Member by listing heirloom seed varieties you keep in circulation. Seed listers vote to elect our Board of Directors and approve GSN’s Bylaws.

Though founded on a model of Membership & Dues, in 2019, the GSN board has decided to highly prioritize expanding our Membership. Thus we currently are not charging membership dues.  So do join us!

We are here to facilitate both online seed requests and requests sent through the mail.