Board Meeting on 05/02/19

Grassroots Seed Network Board Meeting Minutes, 5/2/2019, 1 PM EST

All Board members present

(Minutes were recorded by Will, as Chris was driving at the time)

1.Affirmations of officers.  All were unanimous.

            President – Irena Hollowell

            Vice President – Will Bonsall

            Secretary – Chris Hardy

            Treasurer – Jamie Chevalier

2.Website technical update (For more up-to-date information about our website improvement efforts, see our website customization wish list at

  1. We discussed of the responses to the recent survey about our website.
  2. Discussion of advantages of a WordPress “personal” plan. This would get rid of ads, but would add $100 per 20 months to our cost. Chris recommended that it would be worth that for appearance alone.
  3. Discussion of potential for adding a “custom script” which would allow us to make various changes, including increasing font size on Sharetribe’s “About Us” and “How it Works” pages.  This would not require hiring a web developer.  We might be able to get these changes made pro bono.
  4. It was proposed that we ask Sharetribe if we can change certain things such as requesting or listing more than one item at a time. It was concluded that we can’t change these things.
  5. There was also discussion of what changes we could make ourselves (Irena would), such as plant categories.
  1. Fundraising
  1. We discussed potential grant sources, some of which we’ve already been investigating. So far disappointing, as most do not relate to us geographically or timeframe or purpose. To be pursued.
  2. Will proposed a new call to the membership for donations, reminding them that although membership is dues-free, our needs persist, and that those who can should donate to help cover those who cannot. Will offered to get out another newsletter soon including that appeal.
  3. Inco me. From Crowdrise campaign: $1263.49 Also a separate donation of $300 was received.
  4. Expenses. $588 for Sharetribe site for 2019, plus $294 to carry us to the first of June 2020, plus $100 to omit ads. Also $300 to be paid to Ashley Firmin. There was some discussion of a small – $200 – grant to “elder curators”, but that was tabled for now due to more urgent priorities.

4. It was decided that we would have an informal conference call for board members on 5/23 at 1 pm EST.